Video: Junip – “Always”

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6 September, 2010
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8 September, 2010
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Video: Junip – “Always”


Esta banda sueca liderada por José González está a punto de lanzar su disco debut Fields, luego de un par de Ep, el 14 de septiembre próximo por lo que te traemos el video para su single promocional Always, el que nos muestra a un perturbador entrenador mágico que convierte en maestros del Air Guitar a los 3 suecos que componen Junip. Da,os las gracias a los amigos de Pitchfork.con, so seríamos nada sin ustedes, y gracias además por actualizar su reproductor.

Publicista aparentemente capacitado para la profesión.


  1. carlete says:


  2. Aman says:

    Nice to see a festival reievw make Freshly Pressed and nice write up for the whole weekend. I am a PHISH fan myself and am happy to see them playing festivals that are not based around them Like Outside Lands, Bonnaroo, and Austin city limits hopefully it turns a few heads to just how talented these guys are. Although i know there is tons of great music out there I love some Phish and these guys can sell out a festival all by themselves. Outside Lands did have a amazing line up this year and wish i could have been there. Some of these big Festivals are just too much though too many stages, acts and choices. Glad you guys enjoy and keep up the good presses.

  3. Garima says:

    I was there all three days! It was such a great time that I’m still flying high off the music and extecemint. My favorite acts were definitely Muse and Arcade Fire, although Phish seriously impressed me. I had never seen them live before amazing stuff. The Shins and the Black Keys also made the weekend, and I truly enjoyed John Fogerty these acts all made it worth it. Then of course the Limousines, the Meters, Warren Haynes Band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and so many others were great bonuses. What a ridiculously awesome lineup! Thanks for posting. I enjoyed the recap!

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